Multi-Purpose Fast Reactor (MBIR)

For Russia to remain the leader in the nuclear-related scientific, technical and engineering areas, it is necessary to maintain and develop its experimental base.

The majority of the research reactors was commissioned more than 35 years ago and by 2020-2025, the Russia’s experimental base will have exhausted its potential because of overaged research reactors and lack of research capabilities.

To prevent a complete loss of the experimental base, it should be upgraded to meet the needs of future wide-range nuclear engineering.  

On February 4, 2010 the Government Resolution RF No.50 established the Federal Target Program “Nuclear Technologies of The New Generation for the Period 2010-2015 and till 2020” that, above all else, focuses on the construction of a multi-purpose fast reactor MBIR. The Program is intended to create a new technological platform for the nuclear engineering based on the closed fuel cycle involving fast reactors. The key project is the construction of the multi-purpose fast reactor MBIR at the RIAR’s site.

The construction of MBIR, which will replace the existing fast test reactor BOR-60 as well, will greatly contribute to the sustainability and development of the Russia’s nuclear engineering.

The purpose of the MBIR construction is to have a high-flux fast test reactor with unique capabilities to implement the following tasks: in-pile tests and post-irradiation examination, production of heat and electricity, testing of new technologies for the radioisotopes and modified materials production.