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Joint Stock Company “State Scientific Center – Research Institute of Atomic Reactors”


On May 27-31, 2019, JSC “SSC RIAR” (Dimitrovgrad, Russia) will host the 11th Conference on Reactor Materials Science dedicated to the 55th Anniversary of the RIAR’s Reactor Materials Testing Complex.


Conference Venue: The Slavsky Conference Center

Arrival date: May 27, 2019

Conference opening: May 28, 2019, 9 AM

Conference closing: May 30, 2019

Departure date: May 31, 2019

Registration of participants: The Slavsky Conference Center,

                          May 27, 2019, from 3 PM to 5 PM,

                          May 28, 2019, from 8 AM to 9 AM.

Transfer for the Conference participants from and to Ulyanovsk and Samara airports will be provided on the arrival and departure dates.


Dear colleagues!

We are pleased to invite you to attend the 11th Conference on Reactor Materials Science dedicated to the 55th Anniversary of the RIAR’s Reactor Materials Testing Complex to be held on May 27-31, 2019 at JSC “SSC RIAR” (Dimitrovgrad).


Conference Topics

Radiation materials science and nuclear materials enhancement:

  • Power reactor fuel and fuel elements;
  • Structural materials of nuclear and fusion reactors;
  • Absorbing and moderating materials.


To participate in the Conference, please fill in a registration form and send it to the Conference Committee with a scanned copy of your passport attached before February 11, 2019.  

Plenary papers and posters are accepted. Conference proceedings will be issued prior to the Conference. The deadline for submitting the abstracts in English is March 11, 2019. The plenary papers and posters are to be submitted to the Conference Committee before the Conference opening.  


Organizational issues

  • The Conference languages are Russian and English.
  • You can take part in the Conference either as a speaker or an attendee (provided the registration fee is paid).
  • The Conference Program and Conference proceedings will be provided to the Conference participants before the Conference opening.
  • The abstracts to be published must be submitted to the Conference Committee in the electronic format following the guidelines before March 11, 2019.



If you need transfer, please email your name, arrival date and flight No. at

Arrival date: May 27, 2019

Departure date: May 31, 2019


Conference Committee:

Chairperson         A.A. Tuzov
Chairperson Deputies V.D. Risovany
  E.A. Zvir
Scientific Secretary V.S. Neustroev
Secretary S.S. Shipulina


Conference Committee Members:

A.F. Grachev

Innovation and Technology Center of “PRORYV” Project


B.A. Gurovich

NRC “Kurchatov Institute”


A.B. Dolgov



A.V. Dub

JSC “Science and Innovations”


S.V. Evropin



A.A. Enin



A.L. Izhutov



B.A. Kalin



F.N. Kryukov



B.Z. Margolin

NRC “Kurchatov Institute” - CRISM “PROMETEY”


V.V. Novikov



V.V. Petrunin

JSC “OKBM Afrikantov”


V.A. Piminov



L.P. Sinelnikov



M.V. Skupov



V.M. Troyanov

JSC “Rosenergoatom Concern”


A.V. Ugryumov






Conference venue

The Conference will be held at the Slavsky Conference Center, Dimitrovgrad.

Address: Russia, Dimitrovgrad, Dimitrov Ave., 12.



Conference registration form

Attention, please!

Final date for applications for participation is February 22

  • A conference registration form is to be completed before February 11, 2019. A scanned copy of your passport must be uploaded as well.
  • An abstract in English should either be uploaded when completing the registration form or sent by e-mail at Please follow the Abstract Guidelines.
  • Application/invoice: please note that there are two different forms of an application/invoice depending on the currency you use (USD or euros).









The abstracts should be submitted in English in the electronic format at

Abstract text: A4 paper format, margin 25 mm, Times New Roman Cyr, 12 pt, single spacing.

The complete abstract should not exceed three pages including tables and figures.
The title should be centered, capitalized and bold.
Names of all authors (initials, last name) should be written in small letters (first letters and initials are capitalized) two spaces below the title in the middle of the page.
Organization (company, institution), city and country should be written two spaces below the names of all authors in the middle of the page.
Abstracts must be clear and concise.


The poster size: 0.70×1.00 m (portrait orientation).
The posters must be of high printing quality.
Recommended font size: at least 18 pt.
The following details must be specified: poster name, authors’ initials and last names, company, city, and country.
The posters must be clear and concise. It is recommended that the main information be presented as tables and figures and the wording be minimized.
The graphics must be of high quality, please follow the textual order.




To make a presentation or present a paper please provide an electronic version of your paper or presentation. There are no specific guidelines for papers or presentations.


Registration fee & accommodation

The registration fee per participant is 400 euros or 480 US dollars. It includes transfer, simultaneous interpreting, coffee breaks, welcome reception, all Conference events, Conference proceedings, and other Conference-related documents.

The registration fee does not include hotel meals and accommodation; those are paid individually by an attendee.

The participants will be accommodated in Raduga and D-Grad Hotels. Please specify the number of rooms to be booked in the registration form. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the hotel accommodation, please feel free to contact us by phone: +7 (84235) 7-96-10 or e-mail:      

The registration fee shall be paid before May 13, 2019.

Please note!

The registration fee shall be paid through a wire transfer only.



Conference participant application/invoice (for payments in US dollars)


Conference participant application/invoice (for payments in euros)

Programme ХI Conference on Reactor Material Science dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the RIAR’s Materials Testing Complex 

Mailing Address:
Joint Stock Company “State Scientific Center – Research Institute of Atomic Reactors”, Russian Federation, 433510, Ulyanovsk region, Dimitrovgrad, Zapadnoye Shosse, 9

Contact persons:
Organizational issues should be addressed to Mrs. Elena Agibaeva,
Tel./ Fax: +7(84235) 7-96-10 , e-mail:


The Conference participants will be accommodated in Raduga Hotel and D-Grad Hotel.

How to reach us:

by air: Ulyanovsk Airport, Samara Airport
by rail: Railway station in Ulyanovsk or in Dimitrovgrad

On 27 May 2019 (arrival), transfer to the hotel will be provided for the Conference participants.

On 31 May 2019 (departure), transfer from the hotel to the railway station and airport will be provided for the Conference participants.



Key results of post-irradiation examinations performed at JSC “SSC RIAR” in 2014–2018. E.A. Zvir, V.A. Zhitelev, A.V. Zakharov, F.N. Kryukov, V.Yu. Shishin (JSC “SSC RIAR”, Dimitrovgrad, Russia)

The expectations of the fuel vendor in the field of reactor material science of nuclear fuel, the results of the cooperation and material science aspects of future research in the midterm perspective. A.V. Ugryumov (JSC “TVEL”, Moscow, Russia)

Analysis of the directions to create an accident tolerant fuel. B.A. Kalin, A.V. Tenishev, A.A. Polyansky (NRNU “MEPhI”, Moscow, Russia)

Development of a new swelling position for PWR austenitic internals, reflecting much lower swelling compared to higher-temperature fast reactor experience.  F. A. Garner (NRNU “MEPhI”, Department of Materials Science, Moscow, Russia)

Current state and plans on validation of the mixed nitride fuel for fast reactors.  M.V. Skupov1, L.M. Zabudko2 (1JSC "VNIINM", Moscow, Russia; 2ITCP "Proryv", Moscow, Russia)


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Production of Large Monocrystalline Ingots and Discs of Molybdenum and its Alloys via Crucibleless Zone Melting for Special Application Products. E.G. Kolesnikov, V.A. Stepanov, P.A. Stepanchikov, R.A. Fedoseev, A.N. Shotaev («SRI SIA «LUCH»,Russia)

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