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Conference Results

Brief summary of the Conference:

  • The Conference demonstrated the acceleration and widening of the R&D activities in the pyrochemistry of the closed fuel cycle in all leading countries.
  • A unique full set of information about the status of the research in this area as of the end of 2010 was obtained.
  • The Pyrochemical community was informed about the Rosatom plans to build up at RIAR site the international multiple-access center based on the BOR-60 and MBIR reactors and the CNFC Polyfunctional Radiochemical Complex
  • A decision was made to hold the 4th International Pyrochemical Conference IPRC-2012 in September 2012 in the Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago
  • The results of the conference and discussions give grounds to expect that the international cooperation in the pyrochemistry of the closed fuel cycle will soon be expanded.
    Deputy Director of RIAR,
    Chair of the Conference Program and Organizing Committee

Guest participants

From Prof. Oleg V. Skiba:
To the organizing committee of the 3rd International Pyroprocessing Research Conference
On behalf of veterans of the pyroelectrochemical technology I would like to welcome all the participants of the 3rd International Pyroprocessing Research Conference devoted to the 30th anniversary of the BOR-60 full core conversion to the pyroprocessed MOX fuel. I wish frightful discussions, increasing your knowledge with new technologies, theoretical and practical ideas.
Yours faithfully,
Honorary Chair
Prof. Oleg V. Skiba   signature


To Prof. Oleg V. Skiba: